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» Back Glass

Techstore provides professional back glass repair service for all models of iPhone. The replacement of back glass is done with the use of laser machine to ensure high-end repairing service while staying within the budget. We are sure enough that these type of services are not available in any general repairing shop. In most cases, the entire phone needs to be replaced when the back glass of your iPhone is cracked. But this isn’t the case when it comes to Techstore.

Our back glass replacement service won’t take much of your valuable time. We are the only authorized repairing shop in Hamilton providing iPhone back glass replacement service. Our equipment and processes are specifically designed and suited for delivering top-class back glass replacement services. The best part is, it allows us to quote a price which is almost half the expense of Apple charges.

Keeping You Safe From Further Damage

Long term iPhone cracks can sometime cause major problems and thus, eventually leading to larger expenses. We suggest you come or mail your iPhone device as soon as you notice crack in your back glass to our experts at Techstore. We can save you from costly expenses and will not take much time for the replacement.