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» Best iPhone Wallet Cases To Zealand

I got my first iPhone back in 2014. It was a small blue iPhone 5c that checked the “budget” and “handy” boxes for a freshly-minted high-schooler. Since then—and not that I’m bragging—every smartphone I’ve owned has been an iPhone, though I always skipped a generation in between—gold 6 Plus, silver 8, black XR, and my current iPhone 12 and SE for backup. However, I did not miss the beat at getting an iPhone case for each model—an iPhone wallet case, to be exact.

It was a level-headed decision: an iPhone is a daily essential you use with hands, cards (credit or IDs) are daily essentials you use with hands. Get it? They’re practically the same thing! Why keep them separate when I can use a wallet case that both protects my device and stores a few cards or bills? Need I really carry a chunky bifold that’ll bulge out my pockets and stuff a six-inch gizmo in there too? I’ve got to condense!

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