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» iPhone X Is Still a Great Buy in 2022

When it launched back in 2017. The iPhone X made headlines for being the first $1,000 flagship phone from Apple. These days we’re used to seeing $1,000 phones, and even phones approaching $2,000, like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3. But when the iPhone X launched, the sticker shock was real.

Thankfully these days, you can pick up the iPhone X for a lot less. Apple stopped selling the iPhone X in 2018, and you won’t find it new from any carriers anymore, but you can pick one up on the second-hand market for around $250. Buying an iPhone X now means you can get a sweet deal on a phone that once broke the bank.
If you’re looking for an iPhone with a modern design, great features, and a great price, the iPhone X might be right for you. Buying an iPhone X in 2022 means getting an iPhone without bezels, a camera that’s no slouch, and the latest version of iOS.

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